This blog contains a list of all the boxes that I have planted. It includes when, where and the status of the box. You can click on the name of any of the boxes to be taken to the clues at Atlas Quest. I hope you enjoy finding them as much as I enjoyed planting them.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Letterboxes Planted 51 - 100

With our Santa Fe SPOOKtacular Event coming up and with a couple of newly retired signature stamps I have moved past the 50 mark with boxes planted. Planting boxes has become easier. I know what I want from each box and I am much better at picking hiding spots. The thing I still have trouble with is picking just the right image. Well maybe the problem is I am just too picky about which image I will use. I continue to improve on my carving skills and with each image I carve I try to make it a little more challenging. Anyway, I hope you have been enjoying the boxes I have planted. Here is a list of the next 50 plants.

# Box Name City, State Planted Status
51. Alphabetical New Mexico: V (Vietnam Veterans Memorial) Angelfire, NM 10/18/2007
52. Alphabetical New Mexico: E (Eagle Nest Lake) Eagle Nest, NM 10/18/2007
53. Sakura
Austin, TX 04/20/2008
54. The Art of Ebrû
Santa Fe, NM 05/24/2008
55. A Boy and His Tiger Santa Fe, NM 05/24/2008
56. Put a Little Love in Your Heart Santa Fe, NM 07/31/2008
57. Paws & Purrs: Puppy Santa Fe, NM 08/18/2008
58. Paws & Purrs: Kitten Santa Fe, NM 08/18/2008
59. Roosevelt
Albuquerque, NM 08/24/2008
60. Alphabetical New Mexico: Q (Quarra)
Mountainair, NM 09/05/2008
61. Alphabetical New Mexico: W (White Oaks) White Oaks, NM 09/05/2008
62. Alphabetical New Mexico: M (William C. McDonald) White Oaks, NM 09/05/2008
63. Alphabetical New Mexico: B (Billy the Kid) Lincoln, NM 09/05/2008
64. Smokey Bear Capitan, NM 09/06/2008
65. Great Western Mine Capitan, NM 09/06/2008
66. Alphabetical New Mexico: G (Pat Garrett) Las Cruces, NM 09/07/2008
67. Alphabetical New Mexico: S (Sandhill Crane) San Antonio, NM 09/07/2008
68. Louisiana Fleur-de-Lys St. Francisville, LA 10/01/2008
69. Alphabetical New Mexico: R (Roadrunner)
Mystery, NM 01/31/2009
70. Siddhārtha Gautama Santa Fe, NM 02/14/2009
71. Martin Parmer Farwell, TX 03/03/2009
72. Muleshoe Muleshoe, TX 03/03/2009
73. AT&SF Anton, TX 03/03/2009
74. White Buffalo Snyder, TX 03/03/2009
75. Texas Heritage: Eugene C. Barker
Weches, TX 03/07/2009
76. Texas Heritage: The Texas Cowboy Weches, TX 03/07/2009
77. Texas Heritage: Cowboy Boots Weches, TX 03/07/2009
78. DIME in a BOX in TEXAS
Mystery, TX 03/08/2009
79. Alphabetical New Mexico: U (UFO Museum) Roswell, NM 03/12/2009
80. Micro Alien Mystery, NM 03/12/2009
81. Micro Spaceship Mystery, NM 03/12/2009
82. Aphonopelma Roswell, NM 03/12/2009
83. Harry James Potter
Ardmore, OK 04/04/2009
84. Movie Treat!
Ardmore, OK 04/04/2009
85. Anisoptera
Santa Fe, NM 04/29/2009
86. Asian Seasons: Lidong (Winter) Santa Fe, NM 05/01/2009
87. Asian Seasons: Lichun (Spring) Santa Fe, NM 05/01/2009
88. Asian Seasons: Lixia (Summer) Santa Fe, NM 05/01/2009
89. Asian Seasons: Liqiu (Autumn) Santa Fe, NM 05/01/2009
90. Battlefield New Mexico
Glorieta, NM 09/01/2009
91. El Rancho de las Golondrinas Santa Fe, NM 09/01/2009
92. Descansos Tres Ritos, NM 09/03/2009
93. Water-powered Grist Mill
La Cueva, NM 09/13/2009
94. Keep on Swimming Santa Fe, NM 09/23/2009
95. Alphabetical New Mexico: K ("Black" Jack Ketchum) Clayton, NM 10/02/2009
96. Sportsman's Paradise Series: State Flag Mystery, LA 03/31/2010
97. Sportsman's Paradise Series: State Mammal Mystery, LA 03/31/2010
98. Sportsman's Paradise Series: State Bird Mystery, LA 03/31/2010
99. Sportsman's Paradise Series: State Fish Mystery, LA 03/31/2010
100. Sportsman's Paradise Series: State Tree Mystery, LA 03/31/2010
Active = Green ●     Unavailable = Blue ●     Retired = Red ●     Unknown = Gray ●
The letterboxes listed here were planted between October 18, 2007 and March 31, 2010.
They were planted in New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma.

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