This blog contains a list of all the boxes that I have planted. It includes when, where and the status of the box. You can click on the name of any of the boxes to be taken to the clues at Atlas Quest. I hope you enjoy finding them as much as I enjoyed planting them.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Letterboxes Planted 1 - 50

40 letterboxes. That's how many I had found when I felt like I had learned enough about letterboxing that I could plant my own. I started letterboxing in February 2006 and in April 2006 I planted my first box - Chimney Rock. For two months I tried to pay close attention to detail on all the boxes I had found. With each box that I found, I would make a note of what the box was like (ie: size, shape, type of container, logbook, was it still closing well, etc, etc, etc). I used this information to decide how I wanted to make my boxes. Lock & Lock boxes won out. All my boxes are made with Lock & Lock boxes and I have templates to make my logbooks so that they fit the box perfectly. I also try to keep a theme to my boxes connecting the stamp, information and area so that not only do you find a letterbox . . . you may just learn something along the way.
So far I have 24 boxes planted. Below you will find a list and links to my boxes. I hope you enjoy hunting for these boxes, please e-mail me when you find one and let me know what you think. My e-mail address is

# Box Name City, State Planted Status
1. Chimney Rock Abiquiu, NM 04/15/2006
2. Cerrillos, NM 05/06/2006
3. Western Blue Flag Santa Fe, NM 05/24/2006
4. Texas Longhorn Quanah, TX 05/24/2006
5. Lady of the Lake Dallas, TX 05/24/2006
6. Mighty Oak Lafayette, LA 05/24/2006
7. Santa Fe Southern Lamy, NM 05/24/2006
8. Six Feet Above New Orleans, LA 05/24/2006
9. Village Acadien: Bienvenue Lafayette, LA 05/24/2006
10. Village Acadien: La Musique de Cajun Lafayette, LA 05/24/2006
11. Village Acadien: La Chappell De Nouvel Espoir Lafayette, LA 05/24/2006
12. Major-General Mystery, Mystery 05/24/2006
13. Thaumaturgic Escalator Mystery, Mystery 05/24/2006
14. Canis latrans Mystery, Mystery 05/24/2006
15. Bad, Bad Black Sheep! Santa Fe, NM 07/02/2006
16. Three in a Row Mystery, Mystery 07/02/2006
17. Ribbit Santa Fe, NM 07/02/2006
18. Devil with a Blue Dress On Santa Fe, NM 07/02/2006
19. Conservatory Seattle, WA 08/03/2006
20. Lover's Walk Vancouver, BC, Canada 08/06/2006
21. Jim Croce Portland, OR 08/08/2006
22. We're in Seattle Seattle, WA 08/12/2006
23. City Different Walking Tour Santa Fe, NM 09/28/2006
24. The Crow Knows Santa Fe, NM 10/07/2006
25. Honor, Loyalty and Peace Santa Fe, NM 10/08/2006
26. Going in Circles Santa Fe, NM 11/07/2006
27. Land of Enchantment Series: State Flag Santa Fe, NM 11/11/2006
28. Land of Enchantment Series: State Tree Santa Fe, NM 11/11/2006
29. Land of Enchantment Series: State Fossil Santa Fe, NM 11/11/2006
30. Land of Enchantment Series: State Mammal Santa Fe, NM 11/11/2006
31. Land of Enchantment Series: State Insect Santa Fe, NM 11/11/2006
32. Land of Enchantment Series: State Bird Santa Fe, NM 11/11/2006
33. Land of Enchantment Series: State Fish Santa Fe, NM 11/11/2006
34. Land of Enchantment Series: State Flower Santa Fe, NM 11/11/2006
35. Land of Enchantment Series: State Vegetable Santa Fe, NM 11/11/2006
36. Koi Fish Albuquerque, NM 03/04/2007
37. Urban Forest Albuquerque, NM 03/04/2007
38. Los Vaqueros Cerrillos, NM 03/04/2007
39. Giant Rebel of Eden Santa Fe, NM 04/13/2007
40. Albuquerque, NM 04/28/2006
41. ev•o•lu•tion Santa Fe, NM 05/24/2007
42. BioPark Albuquerque, NM 05/24/2007
43. Waiting on the World to Change Santa Fe, NM 05/24/2007
44. abri del ne Mystery, NM 05/24/2007
45. Want Saki?!?!? Mystery, NM 05/24/2007
46. Bear in Mind Santa Fe, NM 07/11/2007
47. The Netherwood Box Revisited Santa Fe, NM 07/30/2007
48. Araneae Santa Fe, NM 09/19/2007
49. "Fortitudo Dei" Santa Fe, NM 10/01/2007
50. New Mexico's Eternal Flame Santa Fe, NM 10/02/2007

Active = Green ●     Unavailable = Blue ●     Retired = Red ●     Unknown = Gray ●

The letterboxes listed here were planted between April 15, 2006 and October 2, 2007.
They were planted in New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Washington, British Columbia (Canada) and Oregon.

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